Smart Energy is the first of its kind web-based energy analysis and thermal load simulation program. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) engineers and architecture engineers for calculation of hourly loads through simplified tabbed graphical interface.
Smart Energy Features At-A-Glance
Use Anywhere, Anytime
100% web based. No CD
Use any PC or Laptop with Internet; Use Anytime, Anywhere
Free updates and upgrades. Always updated.
Simple and user friendly web interface
Get Accurate results using EnergyPlus engine
Uses world renowned EnergyPlus engine for all calculations
Automatically upgrades as EnergyPlus engine upgrades
Implements Heat balance algorithms and accounts transient heat conduction
Size equipments by proper selection of ADP
Recheck Air flow using graphical user interface with psychometric charts
Get your results on time using the Predefined Inputs
Default values for various inputs
Outdoor design condition for 51 Indian cities.
Hourly weather data for all major cities of the world
Supports various HVAC systems like DX and chilled water
Indoor Equipment Load Calculator to determine individual equipment loads
Enter your zones in minutes using ready tools
No more tedious co-ordination markings
Mark the zones just by clicking on 2-D boundaries
Orient your building in any direction
Parametric analysis for different orientations of the building
Present results to your customers in Graphical Outputs
100s of ready presentable reports
Excel file for next level of analysis
Ready reports like 8760 hours, Monthly, Seasonal design day with psychometric charts
Add User Defined Materials
Define U values for the construction of walls and windows.
Modify Design Day Temperatures
Edit climatic conditions of the cities as per your needs.
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