The opportunities for demand reduction and cost savings with building demand responsive controls vary tremendously with building type and location. Smart Energy is developed with the aim to fulfill the need of tool which can help in demand reduction.

Engineers and Architects can now calculate requirements for the energy performance of buildings using Smart Energy to provide energy consumption analysis via various Graphical reports. This assessment tool predicts energy and demand savings, and thermal comfort impact for various demand responsive strategies. Users would enter basic information such as building type, floor area, building envelope, orientation, utility schedule, etc.

The Smart Energy also incorporates several pre-defined default commercial building types with typical construction, interior loads, operating
schedules, and HVAC system configurations, such that users can quickly develop an energy models of a building. The program is structured to enable easy migration from conventional manual and spreadsheet load calculations with a minimal learning curve.
Product Benefits
Smart Energy benefits over the traditional Excel sheet method
Helps to understand the use of analysing hourly cooling loads over the design day loads.
Calculation by excel sheet method always tends to oversize the HVAC equipment.
Over sizing not only increases the cost of the equipment but also decreases the efficiency & life of the equipment.
Helps in understanding the importance of energy modelling for the high performance buildings.
Excel sheet calculations assumes the steady state conditions for doing the heat load calculation where as smart energy uses transient heat conduction for getting the hourly cooling loads on the building.
Smart Energy benefits
Web based design to assist anywhere anytime simulation.
User friendly
Database for defaults
Graphical outputs
Supports various HVAC systems
Innovative user friendly method for data entry of Zones
Generates process on psychometric charts
Basic & Advance training for the users
Extremly cost effective
Specially designed for HVAC engineers
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